Act I, Scene 1

The First Anxiety

Andromeda Banneker paces the long stretch of abandoned railroad tracks in the woods behind her house.  She visibly agitated, a phone pressed hard against her ear.    

I know, Mom …  Can you just Read more ““Your Child May be Neurotypical:” A Journey to Diagnosis”

It was the anniversary of Moby Dick‘s publication.  15 November 1851.  The song was released on 15 November ’18.  This has to mean something, but I don’t care what.  There’s a clarity that transcends absolutes, and defining something too … Read more “Hozier, Monomania, Monsters, Melville, Literature, Layers, & Movement”

This thought experiment has been profound in helping me to understand some of the differences in neurotypical and Aspergian empathy.  I knew already that the identity of someone neurotypical is social and emotional, whereas the identity of the aspie is … Read more “Part 5: My Personal Journey Through this Empathy Series”