I wasn’t all that much of a nerd growing up.  It wasn’t because I lacked the interest and natural proclivities of being one.  Instead, it was because I grew up in the cultural wasteland of rural Oklahoma.  This was the … Read more “Dungeons and Dragons and Not Hating Myself for Five Freaking Minutes.”

Recently, a high school senior named Jack graduated– and this made international news.

Most high school seniors graduate from high school.  So, what made this particular senior’s graduation so significant?  Well, it wasn’t Jack personally who made headlines, nor the … Read more “An Open Letter to the Media: On “Severe” Autism and Inspiration Porn”

My name is Hugh Willis.  I am autistic. 

Having an autism spectrum diagnosis and changing my life narrative has been a difficult journey of self-discovery. Acceptance of my neurodiversity allows me to view my personality traits of seeking knowledge, demonstrating an … Read more “A Life Illuminated”