Therapist white woman pointing to an object on a table and a white boy pointing to another object on the table.

Editor’s Note: Holly Rowe is a neurotypical parent of an autistic child and a guest contributor for The Aspergian, contributing her experience at the request of our editorial team.

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As an ambassador of the Neurodiversity movement, I recently took a brief pause to step back and take measure of the landscape of change occurring around the pursuit of neurodiversity understanding in the culture.

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Act I, Scene 1

The First Anxiety

Andromeda Banneker paces the long stretch of abandoned railroad tracks in the woods behind her house.  She visibly agitated, a phone pressed hard against her ear.    

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The bitter irony of his dressing in black was not lost on me.  He smiled a hopeful smile, before walking into the “job interview practice” hosted by a local Autism Organization.

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This article is long.  It used to be longer.  The original intro is now its own article exploring the division between neurodiversity advocates and everyone else.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

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