It is well known that representation of marginalized groups in fiction matters.  We have made progress towards having more representation of Black, gay, female, and trans characters in fiction, to name just a few examples.

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Editor’s note: This article references trans and questioning/non-binary individuals as “female” when discussing the “sloppy science” referenced in the title.  The gendering in the research is from parents and those who conducted the “research,” and not from The Aspergian.  Please
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Black woman in a wheelchair looking up a set of stairs in a house.

Creating an environment that is inclusive of all employees, for whatever differences they have, prepares employees to be respectful, open, and even excited about inclusion.  Truly, being unapologetically accepting of difference is one of the most profitable, transformative, and exciting … Read more “How to Get Your Workforce Excited About Diversity & Inclusion”

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I work for a technological company that takes into consideration the implications of autism hiring initiatives.  We work collaboratively to provide a transparent and fair recruitment process, make available free online resources, and maintain consistent communication with job seekers and … Read more “Neurodiversity Hiring Initiatives: Are They Failing Autistics?”