It is well known that representation of marginalized groups in fiction matters.  We have made progress towards having more representation of Black, gay, female, and trans characters in fiction, to name just a few examples.

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Child about 6 years old standing outside looking at the camera with her fingers and palms different colors with pink, blue, purple, and yellow and a clear sky in the background.

I once knew a childhood educator who always used to say (often irritably), “I am not raising children.  I am raising future adults.”

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Student around 10 years old in a classroom using a tablet sitting next to a teacher. They are both looking at the camera.

I am a nonspeaking autistic teen.  I used to be called non-verbal.  Non-verbal is a misleading word because it conjures up ideas that a person who cannot speak cannot understand words either.  That is far from the truth.  The truth … Read more “Independence through Dependence: Why I Need a Communication Facilitator”

Black woman in a wheelchair looking up a set of stairs in a house.

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