60066940_371651433448045_1470573416053473280_nEditor’s note: Dr.  Joel Schwartz is neurodivergent but not autistic.  He is one of our fiercest allies and is one of two non-autistic members on our team. 

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This article is long.  It used to be longer.  The original intro is now its own article exploring the division between neurodiversity advocates and everyone else.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

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This article is written in collaboration with fellow Aspergian writer, Humble Aspie.  His response can be viewed by clicking here.

I have recently and sadly been made aware of a group of online trolls, some autistic and some not, … Read more “An Open Letter to The Spectator in Riposte to the Article Against Neurodiversity”

This is my response to the quite-frankly, ravingly-paranoid article I found printed in hard copy in the magazine.   The infamous blogger and social media contributor, Jonathan Mitchell, had submitted the article to the UK Magazine and boasted how he did Read more “An open letter to the Spectator’s anti-neurodiversity article: THE DANGERS OF NEURODIVERSITY”