A white boy looking up and to the right looking concerned, sitting on the floor with his hands around his knees/legs, and a therapist sitting in a chair behind him staring at him with a clipboard. The poster next to the therapist says "autism?"

Editor’s Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the content published here, the writer of this article wishes to remain anonymous to protect the privacy of her children.  Beyond reasonable due diligence, the editors at The Aspergian have fact-checked the Read more “A Mother’s Fight Against Court-Ordered ABA”

While reading this brilliant and informative article, Destroying the Lack of Empathy” Myth in the Wake of Bleach Enemas & Autistic Abuse, I was reminded of the many times in my life that I wanted to “cure my Read more “I Wanted to “Cure My Autism,” Too– One Autistic Woman’s Story of Internalized Ableism”

Shelf full of bottles of clear chemicals

Shelf full of bottles of clear chemicals

Editor’s Note: Heather is non-autistic but a fierce advocate and fellow neurodivergent person.  She is the best person to tell this story because she has been on the inside of it.

Recently, news broke that MMS, a bleach solution touted … Read more “Destroying the “Lack of Empathy” Myth in the Wake of Bleach Enemas & Autistic Abuse”

Autistic people, adults and children, are infantilized, gaslighted, and manipulated regularly by society– individuals and institutions.


Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted

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Upon hearing about the most recent accusations of sexual impropriety against a celebrity scientist, I noticed several things in the accuser’s comments which sounded familiar.  He was accused of “not getting hints,” of being “oblivious,” of refusing hugs, and of … Read more “Unintended Ableism: On Calling Men “Creepy””