Recently, a high school senior named Jack graduated– and this made international news.

Most high school seniors graduate from high school.  So, what made this particular senior’s graduation so significant?  Well, it wasn’t Jack personally who made headlines, nor the … Read more “An Open Letter to the Media: On “Severe” Autism and Inspiration Porn”

The bitter irony of his dressing in black was not lost on me.  He smiled a hopeful smile, before walking into the “job interview practice” hosted by a local Autism Organization.

As I watched him go, I felt a wave … Read more “Building Bridges to Nowhere: On Workplace Best Practices for Keeping Autistic Persons Terminally Jobless”

This article is long.  It used to be longer.  The original intro is now its own article exploring the division between neurodiversity advocates and everyone else.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

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