Young specialist consulting with her experienced colleague while pointing at one of evidence of crime on board

There were a couple of things that spurred my dive into research regarding facilitated communication (FC) and other methods of alternative and augmentative communication (AAC).  One that I have mentioned before is that I watched a few documentaries featuring autistic … Read more “Double Standards: ABA vs.  Facilitated Communication”

Before I came to my identity as an autistic person, I had a short-lived obsession with self-determination theory (SDT), a framework for characterizing the processes which foster or inhibit healthy motivation and psychological development.  I’m still very curious about SDT, … Read more “On ABA Therapy, Self-Determination, & Healthy Psychological Development”

Therapist white woman pointing to an object on a table and a white boy pointing to another object on the table.

Editor’s Note: Holly Rowe is a neurotypical parent of an autistic child and a guest contributor for The Aspergian, contributing her experience at the request of our editorial team.

My son was diagnosed as autistic in 2016, at two years … Read more “Unapologetically Non-compliant: A Neurotypical Mother’s Perspective After Leaving ABA”

Child about 6 years old standing outside looking at the camera with her fingers and palms different colors with pink, blue, purple, and yellow and a clear sky in the background.

I once knew a childhood educator who always used to say (often irritably), “I am not raising children.  I am raising future adults.”

The skills required for being a successful child and the skills required for being a successful adult … Read more “Life Skills Aren’t What You Think: What Research Says About Raising Autistic Kids”


Act I, Scene 1

The First Anxiety

Andromeda Banneker paces the long stretch of abandoned railroad tracks in the woods behind her house.  She visibly agitated, a phone pressed hard against her ear.    

I know, Mom …  Can you just Read more ““Your Child May be Neurotypical:” A Journey to Diagnosis”

This article is long.  It used to be longer.  The original intro is now its own article exploring the division between neurodiversity advocates and everyone else.  It can be viewed by clicking here.

Instead of pointing fingers at anyone … Read more “A Response to Eileen Lamb’s Article “Autism and the Dangers of the Neurodiversity Movement””