A woman holds a handful of coins and a slip of paper with a hand-written note which reads "make a change"


The Aspergian is excited to announce a partnership with Neuroguides | Foundation for Life Guides for Autism, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.  Your tax-deductible donation will be processed by our partner, and you will be receipted by Foundation for LGFA.

The Aspergian brings you no-cost, ad-free, all-volunteer articles and resources from actually-autistic writers, professionals, educators, thinkers, artists, information techs, clinical psychologists, industrial and organizational psychology consultants, coders, web developers, musicians, and everyday-heroes.

Daily, we hear from our readers about the difference our site has made in their lives.  We are changing the narrative about autism and neurodiversity.

Our reach is expanding, and we have needs that are completely unfunded.  We are working with our partner, NeuroGuides, to directly empower autistic people on the ground, to provide parents and caregivers with resources and assistance, and to consult with organizations, businesses, non-profits, and local governments about how to be truly inclusive. But, we need resources to build resources.

We’re currently creating guides and downloadable resources for employers and educators, preparing to launch a podcast, building a YouTube channel, and developing creative new ways to shift the cultural climate and empower anyone who is interested in making an actionable difference in the trajectory of hope and the quality of lives of autistic for autistic people and their allies.

As a thank you for sponsorship, 10% of donations received by The Aspergian go to our partner organization, Neuroguides, to help fund the adminstrative costs of running a non-profit and to support the work they do on the ground.  The rest of your donation (90%) will go directly to funding what we do here at The Aspergian.  You can do that by clicking the button below.

Gift our Contributors

Many of our contributors have a link in their profiles (viewable at the bottoms of their articles) to “buy them a coffee.” This is a nice way to tip contributors for the free labor they do to bring you helpful content.

Gifts to contributors are not processed through our sponsor and go directly to the individual’s PayPal accounts, thus they are not tax deductible.

Other Ways to Give

We know that the plight of our readers is often one of profound disadvantage.  We know that from experience.  Hearing from our readers in the comments, seeing our articles shared on social media, finding out they’ve been printed and shared with schools and professionals, hearing stories of relationships transformed and lives improved, and receiving communication through the contact page means the world to us.

Your support and encouragement is the hope and Light that keeps us moving forward, and just sharing our experiences and insights with the world– or sharing your stories with us– is worth more than gold.

And because we are autistic, you can take our word as the Truth.  You matter to us, and You are why we do what we do.