I recently watched a video on trauma.  The speaker mentioned that children are generally very loving and affectionate, but that children typically do not have trouble hugging people unless there is a history of trauma or they’re on the spectrum.… Read more “Food For Thought: Why do people have to divulge personal information to avoid hugs?”

This series is focused on the many opponents of Asperger’s: the word, the diagnosis, and the people who have it.

This article focuses on Asperger’s and employers.  Other articles in this series: Asperger’s and the APA Asperger’s and Employers, a … Read more “What’s in a Word: Asperger’s and Employers”

The wires in my brain seem to be configured by some elaborate practical joke.  There are either way too many or too few connecting this input to the corresponding cortex, or they are just connected to the wrong places.  It’s … Read more “A Funhouse of Horrors: 8 Ways Asperger’s, OCD, Dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, & Synesthesia Intersect”