Before I came to my identity as an autistic person, I had a short-lived obsession with self-determination theory (SDT), a framework for characterizing the processes which foster or inhibit healthy motivation and psychological development.  I’m still very curious about SDT, … Read more “On ABA Therapy, Self-Determination, & Healthy Psychological Development”

Child about 6 years old standing outside looking at the camera with her fingers and palms different colors with pink, blue, purple, and yellow and a clear sky in the background.

I once knew a childhood educator who always used to say (often irritably), “I am not raising children.  I am raising future adults.”

The skills required for being a successful child and the skills required for being a successful adult … Read more “Life Skills Aren’t What You Think: What Research Says About Raising Autistic Kids”

Thinking alone

For many people with an Autism Spectrum Neurology, anxiety is a constant companion.  Confiding in others when our anxiety compounds– especially for a specific problem– can be difficult, even with someone we trust.

Thinking alone

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Love is a deeply personal experience, the joining of two individual worlds into a meaningful partnership, and it can be a magical thing.  When two people not only love each other– but can truly understand and accept each other– they … Read more “The Ultimate Empathy Gap: Can Neurotypical-Autistic Pairings Truly Work?”


Aspie-neurotypical relationships often start out with intense passion, then fizzle and devolve into disaster.  For the purpose of this article, I have used the word “aspie” instead of “autistic;” however, the two terms should be considered interchangeable in this article.  … Read more “Why Your Asperger’s-Neurotypical Relationship Is Failing”