Starting therapy on the very first day of my university classes in August didn’t seem like a bad idea.  No real crisis was happening, as I’ve experienced many times before (you know, like the catastrophic consequences of active alcoholism, an … Read more “Coming to Terms with my Diagnosis: Revelation not Resolution”

My name is Hugh Willis.  I am autistic. 

Having an autism spectrum diagnosis and changing my life narrative has been a difficult journey of self-discovery. Acceptance of my neurodiversity allows me to view my personality traits of seeking knowledge, demonstrating an … Read more “A Life Illuminated”

In prevailing literature, people on the autism spectrum have all of their traits, their behaviors, and even their very existence pathologized.  They are considered to have “mind blindness,” or the opposite of empathy, which means that they are unable to … Read more “Allism Spectrum Disorders: A Parody”