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aspieaspired (7)

I am a wife, mother, Jesus follower and Aspergian (Aspie) who just so happens to love writing. I express myself best in written words 🙂

bneal89 (6)

Brittney is an Early Childhood Education & Development professional, as well as a gigging local musician. She lives with her husband and daughter in Lynchburg, Va.

jenbluhm (5)

Jen Bluhm is Waltzing On Waves out of Minneapolis. She is a performing & recording artist, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Award-nominated film composer, & Neurodiverse Neurodiversity/Mental Health advocate. This is her first foray into writing for a blog. It will be awkward . . .

Spectrum Hacks (4)

Tackling the myths and sharing the hacks

st1rdude (1)

46 Nerodeverse male

Terra Vance (27)

Terra Vance is an industrial and organizational psychology consultant and the proprietor of Acumen Consulting, LLC. She specializes in diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and poverty dynamics. She is a founder and administrator at The Aspergian. Her passions are in the intersections of social justice, equality, literature, Truth, and science. To contact Terra via email, click here.

xgodley (1)

Chris Godley is the admin of Asperger's Life Support and an admin and founding member of The Aspergian.