Poetry: Crossed Wire’s Song1 min read

mind not to scale
“mind not to scale.” Ra Vashtar, Mixed Media, 2020

Crossed Wire’s Song

I will never be not crazy,

hooked up with a different wire.

I don’t run electrically.

No switch on a wildfire.


Broken glass and oil slicks are like diamonds if you let them be.

Mother looks into her baby’s eyes and prays he won’t turn out like me.

Don’t feel too much,

With heart and touch.

Don’t fly too close to the sun.

Think inside the box provided,

But don’t be single minded,

Keep the order.

Keep the peace.

Keep yourself quiet.

Go to sleep.

Learn to walk, but never try to run.


I will never not be different,

I’m an earthquake and a storm,

Sometimes things just need a shaking,

–Light through every hole I tore.


When I finally get to heaven, I know there’s a place that’s set for me,

God will wipe the dirt away, say better things were meant for me.

The human race,

Called me last place,

Judged I was unfit to run.

It’s a system near perfected,

To deem different defective,

Go to work.

Go to school.

Make sure to follow

Social rules.

One size does not fit everyone.


I will never not be like this,

seems a terminal disease.

I will die not knowing normal,

But I’ll live beautifully.


-Ra Vashtar

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Ra Vashtar
They/Them or He/Him

Ra Vashtar is a visual artist, illustrator, writer, and self-described "monster rights activist." Currently Ra works in blogging, monster adoptions, commissioned illustration, video game art assets, and shirt designs for the Hot Topic Creator Program. They find joy and meaning in designing creatures that show even things that are a little different deserve love. Sometimes we all feel like monsters, but monsters are symbols of power and change. Ra is trans nonbinary and bisexual, and believes in advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse communities through education and visibility. A fiery and funny extrovert, Ra found that through going first and speaking up, plenty of other monsters often echoed out from the shadows, inspired by not being alone.

Special interests: horror and monsters, middle eastern mythology, ancient Egypt, ferrets, criminal psychology, and fire.
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