UPDATE: #ActuallyAutistic Advocate NeuroDivergent Rebel Account Reinstated!

We can’t know how much your Tweets, shares, and just the fiery energy of your righteous indignation had to do with reinstating her account, but we appreciate our viewers. NeuroDivergent Rebel is back online! I’m leaving the original post (below) for reference.

Your voice matters.

Taken from @NeuroRebel’s Twitter Page

Neurodivergent Rebel Christa Holmans, autistic woman and one of the most outspoken and active neurodiversity advocates in the world, has been banned from Facebook for making a post about stimming, which is short for self-stimulatory movements. It is a sophisticated mechanism to help maintain neurological equilibrium by engaging the body’s neuromuscular response to counterbalance overstimulation from sensory input (including social and informational stimuli).

I speak on behalf of The Aspergian, a collective of over 40 (and growing) #actuallyautistic artists, musicians, writers, educators, parents, children, and advocates, when we say that this is unacceptable.

As this story unfolds, we demand action and an apology from Facebook. We want Christa to know that we will use the fullness of our collective voices to do what needs to be done to ensure that her account is restored and that this doesn’t happen in the future.

Look for future posts regarding this incident, and please respond with any feedback or advice you have about how to address this issue.

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