• FreeKing Comics – An Interview With “Autism vs Aliens” creators, Daniel Wolther and Jaime A. Heidel

    What happens when all neurotypical people are abducted from planet Earth and only autistics remain? Why, a band of autistic heroes forms to rescue them, of course! In this interview, we talk with Daniel Wolther and Jaime A. Heidel of FreeKing Comics.

  • Why Gaming Can Be Good for Autistics

    Many parents and partners worry about the autistic loved ones in their lives spending too much time playing games... but gaming can be beneficial for lots of reasons.

  • Tying Down a Duty to Protections for Fairness

    In the autistic community, and in autism-related services, it happens too frequently that autistic people feel the same social exclusion and isolation they do from the rest of the world. This standard for fairness should be automatic for all situations.

  • Could Student-Focused Learning Help Neurodivergent Learners Get a Better Education?

    Jaime Heidel interviews an educator about a different approach to learning that can advantage neurodivergent learners. The student-centered classroom puts learning in context.

  • latex gloved hands hold petri dish with a cure for autism symbolized as its contents, or perhaps genetic therapy gene therapy

    Why is there not a cure for autism?

    Not for lack of effort and billions of dollars spent, scientists have still not found a cure for autism. From one genetics student, an exploration of why.

  • Meet The Autism Parents

    Meet The Autism Parents

    The rift between autistic advocates and parents of autistics can be contentious. A look at this divide and why it persists with an accompanying video.

When as many as three out of every four autistic and learning-disabled adult in the UK has experienced a hate crime, it's a luxury that humanity cannot afford to overlook the devastating impact of institutional ignorance and abuse regarding one of society's most targeted and misunderstood populations.