• the background has vertical watercolor stripes that blend together in a rainbow pattern. The foreground shows the neurodiversity infinity symbol, with the word "celebrate" above and "neurodiversity" below, from white semi-transparent acrylic paint. It looks like a white splash on a rainbow background with the words and symbols unpainted, so that the words and symbol have the same rainbow coloring as the background via negative space.

    Art: Celebrate Neurodiversity

    Artwork celebrating neurodiversity!

  • Poetry: Four AM Thoughts

    You’d think the world were ending.
    With how null-coloured cracks rack the sky.
    And razor winds shred the upside down sea overhead,
    Into shards of spray.

  • Poetry: I can’t believe

    As an autistic woman, I am often advised against my well wishes because, “I don’t understand people and situations.”  Most of the time, my opinions of unsafe people are invalidated. 

  • A communal definition of autism

    Autism is a genetically-based human neurological variant that can not be understood without the social model of disability.

    Members of the autism civil rights movement adopt a position of neurodiversity that encompasses a kaleidoscope of identities that intersects with the LGBTQIA+ kaleidoscope by recognising autistic traits as natural variations of cognition, motivations, and patterns of behaviour within the human species.

  • Stopping the Stigma Against People with Disabilities: Interview with SBSK

    Normal is a setting on a dryer, says autistic self-advocate Ryan Lee in his interview with SBSK where he talks about race, friendship, connection, and being autistic.

  • Autistic Collaboration for Life

    Jorn Bettin maps out the differences between the autistic community and broader society's social hierarchies.

The knowledge of being autistic and engaging with the autistic community has restored my faith in my intuition. This poem describes the dialogue I wish to have with those who advise me against my intuition.

Often when autistic people, their family members, scientists who research autism,  therapists, and anybody for whom autism is a part of their lives are talked about, they are referred to as a community.  A lot of the time autism organizations
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